Jeremiah 30-32

“This is what the Lord says…”

“…declares the Lord.”

Over and again, we see this refrain, which is an attention grabber. Listen up!

“Who is he who will devote himself to be close to Me?” declares the Lord.

“May it be me,” I say.

Next chapter: you read this prophecy that goes on for quite a long time, then all the sudden verse 26 jumps out and bites you. What?! Jeremiah was asleep when he received this? How much of it has he been asleep for? A couple verses? The whole chapter? Since the narrative ended?

Next chapter: the story switches from 1st person to 3rd person. Then, in verse 8, it switches back. These are little things worth noting because it likely means somebody other than Jeremiah added a minute section to the book here.

Overall, these chapters ring of sovereignty. God will do as He pleases. He will orchestrate the events. He will change hearts. He will make sure certain things come to pass in just the right time. This is His universe.

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