Mark 14

This story of the woman with the perfume has always intrigued me. For one, the act is so far removed from our culture that it is hard for me to imagine. The closest I can think is of a woman giving a man a massage / spa experience at a beauty salon. For two, Jesus’ response intrigues me. He says that every time the Gospel is preached, this woman and her act should be mentioned. I can honestly say I have not done this any time I have presented the Gospel. Very few times have I ever heard it mentioned in any sermon. So I guess we need to get with it when it comes to obeying the Lord.

Another noticeable feature of this chapter: this is the second time the Lord tells the disciples to go into town and find someone else’s stuff to borrow. Last time, it was a colt of a donkey. This time it is a room for Passover. They celebrate Passover, and Jesus ends it with a new twist. He adds that bread represents His body, and the wine represents His blood. He is the Passover Lamb. That is what He’s saying.

I’ve been to the place where all this arrest and trial goes down. It gave me goosebumps. Reading about it still does too.

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