Mark 10-11

Divorce, children, the rich, desires to be great, blindness. Jesus deals with all five of these in this chapter (10), but each time, Jesus is not addressing the circumstance right in front of Him. I mean, He is addressing it, but He is actually going deeper than the circumstance. He is going down to the core of the matter.

In chapter 11, the story shifts to Jerusalem. He rides the colt of a donkey to fulfill a prophecy from Zechariah 9:9. This is often called the Triumphal Entry, and in some ways, in spiritual ways, yes, it is. But from the outward appearance of the event, it would likely be a humiliating entry, a disgraceful entry. The outcasts, who were Jesus followers, are shouting and making a mess of the street, putting palm tree leaves in the way. Jesus, a full-grown man, is riding on a baby donkey, feet dragging the ground, the donkey likely struggling to continue forward. I’m sure many laughed or were even embarrassed at the sight, including the Pharisees.

In this chapter, we also see a cleansing of the temple. That would have been a triumphant event for sure!

Then, there is a lesson on prayer coming from a withered fig tree. Pray in faith!

Then, it ends with a riddle.

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