Introduction to Mark

Here’s the most fascinating thing about this book as a whole:

There is a controversy on the ending. It can end in trembling or in preaching. It can end in astonishment or in confirmation. It can end in fear or in signs. Either you saw Him or you will see Him.

Other notable features of the book:

  • Long verses, short number of chapters
  • “Immediately” is used often
  • It skips the genealogy and starts with a BANG! Action.
  • A lot of demons are cast out
  • The first 1/2 of the book deals with His ministry
  • The second 1/2 of the book deals with His time in Jerusalem
  • The emphasis is on the human side, rather than the divine side.
  • Focus on deeds, not words
  • It begins with “the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” which goes way back if you remember. Like before the foundations of the world.

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