Ecclesiastes 10-11

It’s sad. I feel it in my bones. Already our time in Ecclesiastes is coming to a close.

Verse 1 is so true. You can do a thousand things right and well, but inevitably, someone will find the one thing bad and point it out, blow it up, and bring you down. Someone like me. I do that, primarily to myself. I give grace to others and harp on myself.

Verse 20 is so true. You have to watch what you say, for words travel fast. Words of critique and disdain seem to travel even faster than those of praise and approbation.

In chapter 11, verse 5 is of great interest to me. It is something we never consider. Sure, the sperm and egg carry the DNA to make up the bones and muscle and everything physical about the baby. But how do embryos/babies receive their spirits? Where and from whom do those come?

Verse 9 of chapter 5 makes you think about the excuses that people make for teenagers. There is no excuse before the Lord. Think about it.

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