Isaiah 20-30

  • Chapter 20 will be a special segment I write tomorrow
  • Chapter 20-23 includes judgments on nations and cities
  • Chapter 24 is about judgments on the whole world
  • Chapter 25 God swallows up death, which is quite a great victory
  • Chapter 26 is a song about this great victory
  • Chapter 27 is about the redemption of Israel
  • Chapter 28 woe to the drunken politicians
  • Chapter 29 woe to religious formalists & deceivers
  • Chapter 30 woe to the pro-Egyptian parties

There’s so many good verses, full of truth or full of beauty that it’s hard to pick out my favorites. I will say I like 28:26 quite a bit: “He is rightly instructed; his God teaches him.”

Throughout this section, we see more prophecies that are fulfilled in Christ’s life and the Spirit coming.

  • 25:8- He swallows up death
  • 28:11- The gift of tongues that comes at Pentecost
  • 28:16- The incarnation
  • 29:18- He heals the deaf and blind

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