I have a Warren Wiersbe type of outline here. All begin with “P”:

  • Purpose: He appeals to us believers to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.
  • Problem: A group of unnoticed, ungodly people had crept in the Christian circles and perverted grace into sensuality. That is, they began accepting gross immorality, presumptuously thinking that God would forgive them even as they continued practicing their sin.
  • Profile of an Apostate:
    1. destined to condemnation
    2. ungodly
    3. perverts grace
    4. licenses immorality
    5. denies Christ as the only sovereign Lord
    6. is a dreamer
    7. pollutes their body
    8. rejects authority
    9. blasphemes angels
    10. blasphemes what they don’t understand
    11. is without reason
    12. is destroyed by their own instincts
    13. is a grumbler
    14. is malcontent
    15. follows sinful desires
    16. is a loud-mouthed boaster
    17. plays favorites for their gain
    18. scoffs
    19. causes division
    20. is worldly minded
    21. devoid of the Spirit

This list is pretty ugly. Yet, it’s describing people who were / are creeping into the church! God help us!

  • Persevere: The way for us to continue in, contending for the faith is by building ourselves up, praying, endeavoring together in love, waiting for the mercy of Christ. By having mercy on people and saving them from the fire, we will persevere.
  • Praise: verse 24-25

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