Genesis 43-45

In case you didn’t pick up on this simple fact, the writer wants to be very clear: Joseph’s dreams came true. Three times in chapter 43, the text reads something to the effect, “The brothers bowed down before Joseph.”

Also, in case you start thinking that Joseph’s valleys are the result of senseless and wrongful punishment, void of any meaning, Joseph confirms three times that this was not the case. He tells his brothers, in 45:5-8, that “God sent me” for this occasion, to save his brothers, his family, the people.

All this reading of Joseph lead me to read a Psalm, number 115. In it, there’s emotion and praise. There’s mention of the power of God to do exceptional things. And I can’t help but wonder if Joseph himself didn’t quote things like what’s written in Psalm 115–after seeing the dream come true, after seeing his brothers, after seeing the vanity of Egypt’s idol worship, after recognizing the goodness of God toward him after all those years.

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