1 Chronicles 10-12

In chapter 10, we see the event of Saul’s death, then the interpretation of Saul’s death. Or you may argue, we see reality, then ultimate reality. Our reality, then God’s reality.

In chapter 11, God tells David what he’ll become. The next verse, that comes to pass.

Now we know, if we read the rest of the Bible, it didn’t happen so quickly, nor so conveniently. And it’s the same way in life today. God tells us something and we want it now, but God takes his sweet time. He acts like He has all the time in the world or something.

On our end, we’re wanting Everest in a day. If it takes two, we lose interest. So somewhere, in all that waiting, toiling, and being faithful in the days of small things, God teaches us what we need to know so we can become who He says we’re supposed to become. Our reality, God’s reality.

And maybe, just maybe, if we keep at it long enough, we can become mighty men like those in chapter 11 & 12.

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