The Good Ol’ Emergents (1)

A few days ago, a friend asked me what I thought about the emergent church. I paused for a long time before answering. And during that pause, two things crossed my mind:

  1. Aren’t we over this yet?
  2. What does he need to know?

I thought the first because, well, the Emergent Village was created in 2001. And the emergent church didn’t become a popular topic until about 2006 or 2007. I thought the second because I researched the emergent church for about a year and a half. And after studying something for a year and a half, you have a lot to say. Lord knows, people don’t want to hear all of it.

So, I countered my friend’s question with a question. Then another. Then another. Finally, I got the drift of where he was coming from, so I began my little soliloquy. It went something like this…(to be continued)

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