Feeling Used?

God wants to use you!

This is the most empty and awful thing to tell someone. Think, if I told my wife, “I want to use you.” Or if I told my child, “I want to use you.” Or if I told my friend, “I want to use you.”

Using people is an absolutely awful thing. It’s horrible, wretched. When people use people it’s called slavery, oppression, prostitution.

Last time I checked, God is known as loving Father, faithful Husband, loyal Friend. He is not the Great Taskmaster, or the Supreme Dictator, or the Pompous Pimp. He is love. God is love.

Love doesn’t use people. Love cares, nurtures, builds up, edifies. Love isn’t rude or crude, self-seeking or full of fury. Love isn’t abusive, controlling, or heavy-handed. Love is patient and kind. Love protects, trusts, hopes.

Love sticks with you to the end.

Love does not fail.

God…He loves you. He doesn’t want to use you; He wants to love you!

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One thought on “Feeling Used?

  1. Here’s what happened when I saw this posted on Facebook:

    One, I saw that you posted this and thought, YAY. Omer wrote something. I wonder what.
    Two, I read the title and the only line of text Facebook shared….the first line, “God wants to use you!” with absolutely no other context.
    Three, my heart sank. Oh, no, Omer, I thought.
    Four, realized I didn’t have anything else to do, so I might as well read it and decide how terrible a message I thought you were spreading.
    Five, read on and was pleasantly surprised!
    Six, wrote this comment.

    Thanks for not being a depressing cliche spreader, friend.

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