Beauty (Pt.1)

Yesterday, I asked a good friend of mine to define “beauty.”

He said beauty is different for everyone. He also said there are different types of beauty (physical, emotional, social, and spiritual). While I agree with the latter, I disagree with the former. I think beauty is beauty and people will recognize it as such. Here’s what I mean by that:

I was driving to Sisters, Oregon two weekends ago. A long stretch of the drive is spent going through a mountain valley. On the way there, it was all snow, all white, cliffs and evergreens. On the way home, the temperature had risen 15 degrees. All the snow was melting and it was raining. So, on one side of the road was a river, raging and roaring. On the other side of the road was waterfall after waterfall, rushing down the steep cliffs and literally falling into the ditch on the side of the road. At a couple points, the water from the falls would gush onto the road, sweeping across into the river. And yes, I was driving in the daytime, so all was well and safe.

If you can picture such a drive, would you call it beauty?

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