The Book(s)

In Greek, Bible is translated “biblia.” Biblia is a dual functioning word. It means book and it means Bible.

On my bookshelves at home sit many books. Hundreds actually. I’ve read at least half of them. But the other half is slow-going. Now that I have two daughters, and we’re about to add a third potentially through adoption, I can’t cover the same amount of ground I used to. The other half of the shelves stare me down. They make me feel little, unaccomplished, taxed.

I want to finish all the books, but I know it’s an uphill battle. Plus, some of the books probably wouldn’t be worth my time anyway.

Furthermore, I have recently been convicted that I spend too much time reading little books and not The Book. Reading biblias rather than Biblia.

So I think I’ve come to the conclusion that George Muller came to. I’m going to rid myself of all those books save the Bible. I will keep numerous translations of the Bible, a Greek NT, a Hebrew OT, and some reference books for those languages to help when I forget the grammar and vocabulary. I might keep a dozen or so of my absolute favorites that have deeply shaped me. Other than that, biblias are leaving.

The Biblia remains.

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