5 Degrees to Avoid

I read an article the other day on Yahoo News. The title, “Don’t Bother Earning These 5 Degrees.”

I love learning, and I have always wondered if I didn’t pursue an education in theology, what would I have pursued? Growing up, I was always interested in architecture. During my senior year of college, I took a liking to philosophy and even applied to grad schools for Middle Eastern studies. Anthropology intrigued me, even though I disagreed with much of the inherent assumptions in that field of study. I even considered becoming a research librarian, just so I could spend my days among books. Basically, anything with a hefty amount of theory and information—that would be right up my alley.

So, guess what five degrees the article listed as undesirable or ones you “may want to avoid.”

  1. Architecture
  2. Philosophy or Religious Studies
  3. Anthropology or Archaeology
  4. Area Ethnic or Civilization Studies
  5. Information Systems

Great! Just great!

One more piece of evidence showing I would be/am/or will be a worthless member of society…if I trusted the opinion of others.

Always remember, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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One thought on “5 Degrees to Avoid

  1. Hahaha! Thats great! Both Sarah and I join you in your “worthlessness to society.” Three ever-enthusiastic cheers for religious studies! Thanks for that last line there though. That is the thing you’ve got to hold onto, knowing that God wastes nothing.

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