Timeline on John D Rockefeller

A timeline on the rise of John D. Rockefeller:
  • 1839- 0 years old- born
  • 1855- 16- drops out of high school, takes a bookkeeping course, starts a job without pay for 3 months
  • 1856- 17- signs one year contract with same company for $300, finishes that year in the red (-23.26)
  • 1858- 18- starts borrowing money from parents and brother and lends it to his employer on interest, nets a profit
  • 1859- 19- wants $800/ year, employer tells him he’s only worth $700, John leaves and starts a partnership buying and selling farm produce and supplies, makes $2200 that year
  • 1861- 22- earns $6000, is sent out to investigate booming oil business around this time and declares that it is chaotic and far too risky to invest in
  • 1864- 25- engagement ring for $118, ceremony for $20, begins charging himself and paying his wife if he is late for dinner
  • 1865- 26- business partner enters oil business
  • 1866- 27- he and partner split ways and Rockefeller buys out the oil branch of the business for $72,500
  • 1870- 30 to 31- “Standard Oil” company becomes a corporation, value at $1 mil,Rockefeller owns 2667 shares at $100 per share
  • 1872- 33- company is valued at $2.5 mil
  • 1875- 36- valued at $3.5 mil
  • 1879- 40- Standard Oil controls 90% of all refined oil sold in U.S

All the while, Rockefeller avoids fame, ostentation, and waste. He devotes his time, interest, and effort to the company, the family, and the local church.

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One thought on “Timeline on John D Rockefeller

  1. Despite all this he is still depicted as a parsimonious villian that abused the poor and drove the country to its breaking point using nothing but monumental greed. Atleast this is the image my history teacher would have be believe.

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