This Thing We Call Money

A few days ago, I wrote about this game we call football, where burly men jostle each other and millions of people cheer them on.

Well, if you remember, that game generates over 2.2 billion dollars of profit (just in TV revenues). Those dollars are what I want to talk about today.

It looks appetizing doesn’t it? Those little, rectangular pieces of green paper? Those rectangles that have dead men’s faces stamped in the center of them?

As you know, those pieces of paper also have numbers on them. The bigger the number, the more people want it. It’s the weirdest thing—it seems no matter how many of these rectangles you have, you always want more. And often times, the more of them you have, the cooler or more popular you are. And sometimes, the people who don’t have them, try to pretend they have them. Some people want them so bad, they will even steal to get a few pieces of green paper with the big numbers on them. Or even worse, they will kill for them.

But in all actuality, we know people aren’t killing or stealing just to have stacks of green pieces of paper with dead men’s faces. No, people are killing or stealing because they are desperately longing for acceptance, for notoriety, for happiness. And these people are so utterly deceived into thinking that more objects will make them happy, when truly, the objects will do nothing. What the people want, whether it’s acceptance, love, a feeling of importance, a sense of destiny, or companionship–all of these things are really only provided in two ways—by the person’s Maker and/or by other people.

Hopefully we have all come to realize that people will not provide those things on a consistent basis. The closest thing we have to filling that void through other people is in a life-long marriage or a close-knit family unit. And anybody who has been a part of those knows that those loved ones can still let you down, hurt your feelings, damper your dreams. Even the best families and marriages experience these frustrations.

So with that, where will you turn? To God or to money?

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