Seek Up

Today I had a lyric come to mind. It comes from Dave Matthews’ song Seek Up:

“Every day things change; basically they stay the same.”

The lyric came to mind because this past week I packed up my family, and we moved to Mt. Vernon, Illinois. We were in Centralia, Illinois.

If you know anything about southern Illinois geography, you know this isn’t a large move. It’s about 30 miles. The best part about this is that my commute to work went from 40 minutes to 8 minutes. Another perk is that our new house has a fenced-in backyard, a dishwasher, and wood floors. So, in some ways, things have changed.

But in many ways they have stayed the same. I still wake up early. I still work at the same place. I still come home each afternoon/evening and give my wife and daughter a hug and kiss. I still discuss the Bible and pray with them each night. I still work on personal projects after everyone goes to bed.

In some ways things have changed, but basically they’ve stayed the same.

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