2 Vacations

As June turned into July, I had the privilege of enjoying two vacations.

The first was a vacation from family responsibilities. My wife and daughter went to visit family, and I stayed at home. They left on a Saturday morning so I had the weekend alone, then worked three days before leaving to join them. During those five days, living like a bachelor, I read like a madman. I finished three books and read seven or eight magazines. I watched a teaching on DVD and a couple interviews on the internet. I delivered the sermon for our church on Sunday morning, I listened to a couple speeches from an old president, and I paid some bills. I wrote, I organized, I took a 30 mile bike ride. In short, I caught up on a lot. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then, after working a short week, I took a long drive to meet up with my girls. Thankfully, my brother-in-laws drove, so I was able to sit and reflect. I sifted through all the info I had consumed in the past few days, sorting it into three streams: theology, technology, and biography. Then, I chatted with one of my brother-in-laws until we arrived to our destination. It was about four in the morning, so I hit the hay. And for the next SEVEN days, I rested. I took naps. I relaxed in the air conditioning. I floated on a raft in the lake. I ate all kinds of goodies. I watched some HGTV with my wife. I pushed my daughter on her new tricycle. Twas a grand ol’ time. And boy, did I need it.

Vacation is important. And I would argue that both types I mentioned are necessary. So if you need one, take one. Or two. Just be sure to okay it with your spouse and boss.

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