Ham’s Grove

With a name like Ham’s Grove, it’s gotta be good!

Pigs and trees, we’ve got that!

There’s all kinds of catchy slogans you can devise for this place. What is this place? Not a deli, not a woods, but a church. Particularly, it is the church I am now a part of.

The reason I want to tell you about Ham’s Grove is because it has some rather unique features. For example, they don’t have “contemporary” worship. They sing hymns with a single piano in the background. They also have “worship” for longer than 20-30 minutes. Usually, it lasts an hour or so, with brief times of testimonies, praise reports, prayer requests, a little mini sermon from the song leader, or whatever. It’s not crazy, it’s just a natural flow throughout the time. After that, everyone takes a break and uses the restroom. Then we re-gather for about 90 minutes of preaching. Incredible, eh? This preacher can talk about Jesus for more than 30 minutes.

So finally, after two and a half hours, you would think everyone would be ready to go home. No, no, no. All of the ladies go into the kitchen and get their home-made dishes out, and everyone feasts. My, oh my, is it a feast! I think I commit gluttony. And I’m pretty sure everyone else does too.

After the meal, generally, there is a natural break in the crowd. The women congregate in an area and chat, the children run and play outside, and the men gather around one of the tables and dive into a rich discussion. Topics can include politics, testimonies, particular issues in theology, any sort of current life situation, business issues, etc. It’s truly great.

So that is my plug for Ham’s Grove. If you can find us, feel free to join us. We’re somewhere in the fields of southern Illinois.

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