A Move

My work as a seasonal employee ended on March 14. I remained unemployed (without being able to file unemployment for almost three weeks). Now, I have a job, a real job, the type in which you have benefits and no specified ending date.

It’s exciting and it looks promising. I never would have seen myself doing this three years ago–nor two years ago, nor a year ago, nor a month ago. It surprised me, came in under the radar, that type of thing. My job will be working at a tire mold shop, for/with my father-in-law. Thankfully, he’s giving me an office job, meaning I won’t be a grease monkey.

The surprise is not only that I’m going to work at a tire mold shop, but that I’m going to work for my father-in-law. Three years ago, he and I were not on good terms. I was dating his daughter, he didn’t know me from Adam, I didn’t know him, and there were plenty of misunderstandings. He was an ex-Marine, trying to protect his oldest daughter from all the dirtbags in the world. I looked like a dirtbag, but I wasn’t one. I was just a pacifist, a hippie/sojourner type, and I thought his daughter was the woman I wanted to marry.

Since that time, much has changed. We’ve been on a slow and steady move in the right direction, forgiving one another, getting to know each other more, talking through some differences, learning what we have in common. Amazingly, he and I have a lot in common. But you wouldn’t know it looking at us. You probably wouldn’t know it talking to us over a meal. Our commonalities run on a much deeper level, down near the core. We have very similar beliefs, very similar values, very similar principles we try to live by. We love Jesus and we love our families. We live passionately and we have entrepreneurial spirits. We know our strengths and we know our weaknesses. This slow and steady move of coming to understand each other and accept each other, this is the most important move.

Logistically speaking, my wife and I are making a move, a big move, down to southern Illinois. This move doesn’t feel as big as Portland because it’s not as far and we aren’t as young. But it could turn out to be bigger, in that we now have a daughter and the way I see it, I’m starting a career. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I’ll keep writing once a week. Hopefully you can keep reading.

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One thought on “A Move

  1. That’s great news, Omer! Do keep us all updated on what happens with your job and new move — I’ll bet there will be interesting happenings with that kind of job!

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