A Week in Sports

In case you were caught in a whirlwind this week (like me), here’s what happened in sports:

  • The Great American Race, aka the Daytona 500, was postponed for the first time in the race’s history. Matt Kenseth quietly took the victory, but Juan Pablo Montoya stole the show by hitting a jet dryer. Good job Montoya!
  • The NBA showcased its elite on Sunday. LeBron led the East on a 4th quarter comeback, but shot himself in the foot in the final seconds, throwing away a pass with a chance to tie the game. He and Kevin Durant each scored 36 points (with Durant taking the games’ MVP honors). Dwayne Wade recorded a triple double. And Kobe Bryant broke Michael Jordan’s record to become the leading scorer in All-Star Game history. Problem is, he also broke his nose. Or Dwayne Wade broke Kobe’s nose. No big deal, Kobe is tough.
  • Speaking of the NBA, a guy named Jeremy Lin had a decent game on Wednesday night. I guess he’s become a big star as of late. I just knew him from his Harvard days as an Economics major. Anyways, he and the Knicks’ bench staged a comeback to beat the Cavaliers. Lin scored 16 points and had 13 assists. All of his field goals came from within 5 feet of the basket.
  • In NFL news, the Steelers are laying off all of their old guys, the Ravens have franchised Ray Rice, and we still don’t know where Peyton Manning is going to play next season. Oh, and the NFL combine has come and left our state capital.
  • Finally, the MLB has decided to add 2 teams to the playoffs–as if their season needs to be lengthened.

So what do you have to look forward to this weekend? A little in-state rivalry…NCAA men’s basketball…Purdue vs. IU. It should be good.

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