Before Bed, After Bed

Just before bed, I’ve begun a new ritual.

Like always, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on chap-stick. But now, I also write a plan for tomorrow. I write out things I need to put in the car, places I need to go, people I need to call, emails I need to send. This helps tremendously. I’m more productive and more punctual.

Then, after bed, when I wake up, I have a new ritual. It used to be that I would stumble over to the phone, turn off the alarm, and grumble all the way to the bathroom. I’d shower, dress, almost fall asleep in my cereal, then mozy to the car, border-line zombie, border-line angry. Eventually I might pray about the day, pray for my wife and baby, pray for other people. Might.

Now, I stumble over to the phone, turn off the alarm, but instead of grumbling, I instantly surrender. I give God my fatigue, my laziness, my groggy self. I give Him the day, the plans, the drive. I give Him my wife, baby, and job. I ask Him to have His way and lead my steps. Then, I go enjoy a shower, dress, eat cereal, pray with my wife, and leave for work. On the drive to work, I’ve been much more apt to pray for others, to express gratitude, and the like.

It’s not like I’ve never done these things before. In fact, I remember doing both of these things last November. I just got away from them. Gradually, schedules changed, locations changed, and I got out of habit, out of sync.

So there’s a lesson–get back to the basics. There’s some news–before bed, after bed. And there’s another lesson–surrender.

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